ECCB Glasgow 2012

The Board of members of the European Section of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB-ES) has chosen a venue for the 3rd European Congress of Conservation Biology from all proposals received until January 31st 2010.

The next European Congress of Conservation Biology (3rd ECCB) will be held in Glasgow (Scotland, Great Britain) on August 28 - September 1 in 2012, organized by the SCB-ES and the University of Cumbria,  with Owen Nevin as chair of the local organising committee.

After the successes of the ECCB2006 (Eger, Hungary, 1000+ participants) and ECCB2009 (Prague, Czech Republic, 1200+ participants), we expect that the 3rd Congress will be similarly well attended.

Exemplification essay example about our Congress

The European Congress of Conservation Biology is an international network of specialists in the biological sciences who aim to promote and expand the knowledge of conservation biology throughout the world. The conference is facilitated by the European Committee for Research Invasions, an intergovernmental body of specialists from all over Europe. This meeting brings together experts from a wide range of specialisations in conservation biology, including ecology, evolutionary biology, population genetics, ecological genomics, population structure, wildlife biology, visual biology, physical anthropology and sexual selection. The main objectives of this international meeting are to improve the level of participation of scientists in conservation action, to stimulate interest and participation of the public in conservation activities, to exchange experiences and data concerning strategies for endangered species conservation, to build and enhance the coordination of programmes and projects of common interest within the field, to define important information and data concerning conservation biology, to develop guidelines concerning scientific publishing, and to establish and implement guidelines concerning the conduct, reporting and participation of participants in the meetings.

The European Congress of Conservation Biology was first held in Germany in 1977 and has been followed by another seven congresses, in Canada, in the Czech Republic, in the United States, in Russia, in Japan, in Norway and in Sweden. The seventh congress was held in Warsaw, Poland in 1995 and was attended by more than 460 scientists. The conferences of the European Congress of Conservation Biology are well developed, well publicized and well administered. They are characterized by a spirit of cooperation and participation, by facilitating exchanges of experience and information, by providing forums for discussion and debate and by preparing working groups and working plans for the future congresses.

The biological organisations of Europe participate actively in the congresses of the European Congress of Conservation Biology, bringing together their considerable strength. At the first Congress, representatives of the scientific communities of Europe gathered to discuss the common concerns on the conservation of life and the environment. Papers were presented and reviewed, reviews were carried out, proposals were discussed and reports issued. Programs were developed and new fields of conservation were discovered. Today the European Congress of Conservation Biology is one of the most important gatherings of the world's conservation biology organisations.