Nature protection is a significant part of education and research at the University. Research activities at the CULS focus on various aspects of sustainable natural resources utilization.

A special Green Program has been adopted by the whole university campus. This Program includes building insulation, implementation of other energy saving measures and identification of new opportunities for eco-friendly operations.

The meeting is planned and organized while minimising negative impacts on the environment using eco-friendly measures divided to these following important areas:

  • Energy efficiency – includes measures aiming at reducing existing energy use especially to prefer energy efficient appliances and types of lighting and setting up eco-modes of electronic appliances preferably.
  • Waste prevention & recycling - is accomplished by placing of recycle bins, use of paperless technology and recycled paper, preferential use of recyclable materials, re-use of materials and minimising packaging.
  • Transport minimization - a “one site strategy” is being used; the venue and accommodation are in the same locality. The venue is also situated close to the airport with very good public transport links.
  • Eco-friendly refreshments – the menu will include local sourced products, organic and vegetarian foods. Where possible, bulk packaged products and post-mix beverages will be used minimising packaging. In addition to food waste prevention measures, facilities for composting and/or using food waste in animal feed are planned.
  • Carbon fee - included in the registration fee (about 10 EUR). The fee will be used to support carefully chosen projects reducing impact of carbon emissions from human activities.

Call for tender - “Reducing the ecological footprint of ECCB 2009”

The European Section of the Society for Conservation Biology has decided to use the congress to support a conservation project implemented in Europe.
In case of your interest please read the following PDF:  Call for tender (PDF)